Fatal Tennessee bus crash may have resulted from blown tire

There's No Substitute for Experience

A Tennessee accident that occurred in early October on I-40 resulted in eight people dying and a number of other individuals being critically injured. Preliminary investigation suggests that the accident occurred because of a blown tire on a bus carrying a group of church members home.

After the front tire of the bus blew, the bus driver apparently lost control of the vehicle, crossed the median of the interstate highway, struck a Chevrolet Tahoe and then slammed into a tractor-trailer. The truck subsequently caught on fire while debris from the accident was strewn across the roadway.

Investigation of this matter will likely be ongoing. These sorts of accidents could possibly have more than one cause and many items must be taken into consideration. Was the bus properly maintained? Did the driver have the requisite experience to operate such a vehicle? Was the tire on the bus defective? Could a collision have been avoided?

A major concern about operating commercial vehicles such as buses or trucks is the size and the maneuverability of these vehicles. Almost any bus accident could be catastrophic and that's why every precaution needs to be taken to prevent them. It's for this reason that bus companies and bus operators need to be held to a higher standard. Even ordinary considerations like the condition of the tire cannot be overlooked when buses are about to be driven on the road.

Individuals injured in bus accidents could be benefit greatly by speaking to a personal injury attorney who also understands motor vehicle crashes. Though assessing fault in certain cases may appear to be simple, these cases are nevertheless incredibly complex. Attorneys will need to independently investigate such crashes, interview witnesses, recreate the accident when proving up a civil case, negotiate with insurance companies, and research applicable laws and standards.

As injuries sustained in a bus accident can involve medical expense and wage loss that may seem insurmountable, the handling of such claims needs to be placed in the hands of experienced attorneys.

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