There's No Substitute for Experience
    ""Kinnard would be on my short list""
    Working on the Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter book today. Randall Kinnard, a Nashville lawyer, had quite a year.
    - The Kentucky Trial Court Review
    "Thank you so much for your generosity."
    Your sponsorship helps us to have this incredible learning experience.
    - N.T.
    "Your advice and bedside manner really helped my parents resolve a frustrating issue."
    I wanted to thank you for your time spent with my mother and father last week.
    - J.R.
    "Thank you for representing us during this difficult time."
    We know it was not easy on you nor us.
    - M. & D.
    "You are one of a kind. A true and treasured friend."
    Well a note or a word cannot begin to express the intense gratitude Terry and I have for your expert representation.
    - C.M.
    "You gave me back a sense of hope and a vision of goodness, something I'd lost with the death of my husband."
    The day I walked through your door I was touched by God's grace.
    - C.O.
    "We appreciate all that your firm has done for me through the lawsuit."
    I don't think of y'all as a law firm so much but more like close friends.
    - B.R.
    "They will be my first choice, if I ever have another need."
    From the time I first met my attorney while in my hospital bed, I felt I was in good hands.
    - R.R.
    "I Love this company."
    You are truly a professional law firm and I appreciate your assistance.
    - L.S.
    "I am so grateful that I found them, first class all the way!!! Thank you so much!"
    I am so impressed with this firm, I've used them several times and they always rose to the top.
    - B. W.
    "Love this company!"
    Friendly and helpful.
    - R. P.
    "A blessing in the worst of times"
    My husband and I cannot say enough about the kindness and professionalism shown to us by Kinnard Law.
    - M.M.
    "Your guidance and advice was greatly appreciated."
    "Thank you" is such a small phrase to express our gratitude for your willingness to help us through our horrible ordeal.
    - RR & CR
    "Excellent Service and attention to detail at a very difficult time in our lives!!!"
    The entire staff handled every detail. Would definitely recommend to others and use again if needed.
    - J.S.
    "Highly recommended!!!!!"
    Lisa was always on top of everything plus very compassionate.
    - R.T & M.T.
    "They made sure my concerns were taken seriously when no one else would."
    They always treated me as a valued person and were exceedingly easy to talk to.
    - E.P.
    "Randy Kinnard is a true warrior that does not back down and will not give up!"
    We cannot thank this firm enough for everything they did for us in our time of great need.
    - D.P. & T.P.
    "A trusted friend, part of the family."
    Mary and team did an excellent job communicating with our family throughout the entire process.
    - N.O.
    "Thank you, Mary Ellen Morris....a note from Mom"
    Our mom can finally live out the remaining years of her life in a facility with superior care. Having this peace of mind brings comfort to our entire family.
    - MME
    "Love this firm!"
    Very helpful and knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone.
    - Constance
    "Exceptional people with exceptional hearts."
    Words can not express how grateful I am to have found your firm when I did.
    - T.R.
    "100% Best Lawyers Around"
    You have all been so kind and loving to our family!
    - J.S.
    "Great staff."
    The process in its entirety took a couple years - which is longer than I anticipated, but also news to me, as it was the first lawsuit I have ever been a part of.
    - J.
    "In the hardest two years of my life, you provided the utmost trust, comfort, and support."
    Thank you Randy, Jennifer, and Cynthia so much for not only helping me get through what has been the hardest time of my life, but for always providing grace, trust, and a sense of comfort for what felt like an eternity.
    - T.H.
    "We are very grateful."
    What Kinnard Law achieved on account of conquering numerous hurdles was beyond remarkable and we are very grateful.
    - E.I.
    "Integrity, above and beyond."
    This Law Firm has proven itself as absolutely professional, goal oriented, kind and compassionate in the past several years during my case.
    - H.W.
    "These are the professionals that you want fighting for you and the people you love!"
    The legal team at Kinnard, Clayton and Beverage worked diligently to get my family compensation following a malpractice suit.
    - Lauren Price Cook