5 Tips for Driving Next to Big Rigs

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The road can be a dangerous place on a normal day. But when driving next to a big rig or commercial truck, it can feel like a scarier adventure. Big rigs have a right to be on the streets just like everyone else. However, because of their size and weight, if you get into an accident with one, it can lead to extensive damage, injuries, and even death. At Kinnard Law, we believe that you should protect yourself from harm, whenever possible. That is why we offer a few driving tips to help you share the road with commercial vehicles.

1. Avoid “Blind Spots”

Big rigs’ size can limit the view the drivers have of their surroundings. Because the trailers and compartments of the trucks are so high and wide, the drivers cannot always see a car next to them. These pockets of space are called “blind spots.” It is important that you try to avoid driving in them, so that you can make your presence known to the large vehicle.

2. Don’t Drive Too Closely

Driving too closely to any car is not a good thing. Vehicles need time and space to react to those around them. If you are too close to a truck, they may not have time to maneuver. If you have the option, give big rigs their space.

3. Pass Carefully

When changing lanes around a large commercial truck, make sure you can see the front of their vehicle in your rear view mirror. This means they can see you as well. When you pass a truck, make sure to indicate and make your intentions known.

4. Don’t Suddenly Stop

Given its size and weight, it takes a big rig more space and time to come to a full stop. That is why, if it can be helped, don’t make sudden stops around a truck. This can help prevent potential crashes.

5. Give Them Space

Trucks take a lot of space, particularly when they have to make turns. Make sure to give them room to move. Avoid “squeeze plays” which is when a car tries to cut a truck making a right turn.

At Kinnard Law, we understand how dangerous and debilitating crashes with a truck can be. We hope these tips will help keep you safe. However, if you or a loved one has been injured in a big rig accident, contact our experienced trucking accident attorneys today. We can help protect your rights and seek the compensation you deserve.

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