Attorney Randall Kinnard Featured on The Great Trials Podcast

There's No Substitute for Experience
Randy Kinnard

The Great Trials podcast talks about some of the biggest, most important trials in American history. The show also regularly invites the trial attorneys who managed those cases to the show, giving them a chance to share their unique insight and experiences.

On the December 3rd, 2019 podcast, Attorney Randall Kinnard of Kinnard Law was the featured guest to talk about his case, Wade v. HealthSouth Cane Creek Rehabilitation Hospital, et al. The $15.2 million verdict marks the largest trial verdict ever in Weakley County, Tennessee history.

Cody Wade, only 17, was in a serious car accident, leaving him with the need for intubation. Doctors removed the trach tube prematurely not once but twice due to their refusal to work with a specialist. Even Cody was worried that removing the trach tube would be the wrong decision. When it was removed a second time, he suffered a collapsed airway and suffocation, resulting in severe brain damage. To this day, he is unable to speak or move due to the complications.

Attorney Kinnard took the case and fought in the courtroom for five weeks on behalf of Cody and his family. In the end, the jury delivered the historic verdict amount.

To learn more about this case, be sure to click here and listen to the full The Great Trials podcast episode featuring Attorney Kinnard.

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