Why is Jury Duty So Important?

There's No Substitute for Experience

When you get a jury duty summons in the mail, your first instinct might be to rip it up, ignore it, or call the court to explain why you can’t go. While this is a common reaction among most people, you probably wouldn’t have it anymore if you knew how important jury duty really is to the foundations of our country.

If you want to be guaranteed a fair trial before a jury of your peers, then you have to accept your civic duty to sit on one such jury when required. There simply cannot be one without the other, and there can’t be the same America there is today without both.

Without a fair trial, laws, legislations, and regulations are just words on paper. People, corporations, and even the government are all kept in check and held accountable through jury trials. By being summoned to act on a jury for whatever reason, you are given the unique chance to make a huge difference, whether you realize it or not.

To learn more about the fundamental importance of jury duty, you can click here to view a brief YouTube video from the Trial Lawyers Association.

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