Randy Kinnard Featured on Inside Medical Malpractice Podcast

There's No Substitute for Experience
Inside Medical Malpractice Podcast

Kinnard Law Partner Randall L. Kinnard recently appeared on the Inside Medical Malpractice podcast to discuss his work representing victims of medical negligence.

Sitting down with Host Chris Rokosh, Randy shared his insight as a dual-Certified Civil Trial and Medical Malpractice Specialist and discussed two of his most memorable victories – a $55 million verdict for sportscaster Erin Andrews in a high-profile case against a hotel and stalker, and a $22 million medical negligence verdict that was the largest in Tennessee history for a single person.

A West Point graduate and decorated Vietnam veteran, Mr. Kinnard also discussed his experiences in the military, time in Vietnam, and how they prepared him for war in the trenches of the courtroom. As he notes in the podcast, his service and study of the art of war helped shape his fearless approach to litigation and his ability to harness the element of surprise to, in the words of Sun Tzu, strike “like a thunderbolt” and help his clients prevail.

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