Randy Kinnard named as one of the Best 150 Lawyers of 2006

There's No Substitute for Experience

Most of what lawyers do they do quietly, without publicity or fanfare. So how exactly do you rate the best in the profession in Tennessee?

Well, first, in compiling its third annual list of the states top lawyers, Business Tennessee interviewed dozens of lawyers, asking them the central question, Who would you hire? As such, the list is very much a product of peer review. Next, on the condition of anonymity, we also quizzed judges on which lawyers they viewed as the best from their vantage point on the bench. (They are judges, after all.) The end product is an updated, user-friendly guide for selecting the right lawyer in 32 categories of legal practice across the Volunteer State.

This years list has been expanded to 150 lawyers from 101 in previous years. Why? The expansion is a testament to Business Tennessee ever-increasing familiarity with the marketplaces across Tennessee and the movers and shakers that make them vibrant. Tennessee is a big state full of highly skilled legal professionals. They deserve ample space to recognize their efforts.

Expansion of our list also reflects the ever-increasing number of active attorneys who are licensed to practice in Tennessee. That number has grown from 16,871 in 2004 to 17,389 last year. Tennessee Bar Association membership at the end of last year was roughly 9,000. With this list, we give you the creme de la creme of legal professionals in Tennessee.

Randy Kinnard
Kinnard Law

Won $6.5 million for woman who suffered a brain injury after a tubal ligation. Famous for reaching a settlement with Vanderbilt in 2001 case involving faulty prostate procedure. Decorated Airborne Ranger in Vietnam.

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