Increase in Holiday Travel Leads to More Tennessee Car Accidents

There's No Substitute for Experience

This week there were quite a few car accidents on Tennessee roadways, which has led some to believe that the increase in crashes is in direct relation to the increase in people traveling for the holidays.

On Tuesday there were three separate motor vehicle accidents on Interstate 40. The first happened around 3 p.m. near Sevierville, with the second happening not too long after in Loudon County. The third was a few hours later near the Cumberland-Putnam County line.

These accidents were also just 24 hours after three other crashes happened nearby.

According to AAA, there are more people this year traveling for the holidays. In fact, even before the holidays, AAA predicted that there would be a 1.4 percent increase in holiday travel, with approximately 91.9 million people traveling at least 50 miles on roadways across the country.

And, in addition to there just being more people driving, which naturally increases the chances for accidents, a sergeant for the Tennessee Highway Patrol also points to the fact that with everyone trying to get somewhere at once, there is an increased sense of urgency. This pressure to get somewhere could result in reckless driving and more accidents.

With accidents, there is always the chance of injury. And with more people traveling for the holidays, there is a chance that someone who is injured is also visiting Tennessee from out-of-state, which can only further complicate the process of attempting to hold the negligent driver accountable. However, it's important to remember that legal professionals are used to dealing with these types of cases, and can explain how these proceedings will take place.

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