Part 1: Tennessee parents take active role to reduce teen accidents

There's No Substitute for Experience

As the number of teens killed in car accidents continues to increase, parents in Tennessee are no doubt becoming more and more concerned about how to keep their children safe while also allowing them the freedoms that come with being a teenager. While for some this may equate to more rules, others want to encourage safe driving and teach lessons through experience. This is why many have started to embrace technology as a way to monitor teen driving.

Recently the first-ever research-based cellphone app was released. The objective behind the app is for parents and teens to set specific driving goals that promote gaining experience behind the wheel.

According to research, when it comes to who is more at risk for getting into an accident, those who just started driving having a higher risk. However, the more time driving, the more the risk decreases. Part of gaining experience is also driving in all types of conditions, such as driving in bad weather and at night.

By using this app, parents and teens can come up with different goals, such as driving on an interstate at night when it is raining. Once this goal is put into the app, parents and teens can track progress.

The app is also safe for teen drivers as it is simply working in the background when the car is being driven. It is not something the driver needs to continue to fiddle with while driving.

There is a good chance this app will really take off. For as the teen fatality rate started to increase after years of decreasing, parents have admitted to actively searching for resources that could help them have a role in their teen's driving experience.

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