Part 2: Tennessee parents take active role to reduce teen accidents

There's No Substitute for Experience

In our last post we focused on the release of a new app that was based off of research intended to promote safety and experience among teen drivers. The idea is that if Tennessee parents get more involved with their teens driving, this could result in safer driving practices and a decrease in fatal accidents.

This mentioned app is not the only technology available to parents. There are a number of other options with varying degrees in terms of parental involvement and restrictions related to cellphone use while driving.

For example, when it comes to restricting cellphone access while driving, one option is the Sprint Drive First. With this, the ability to text message while driving is disabled once a car reaches speeds over 10 mph.

Another cellphone option is also the OrigoSafe. This is an ignition interlock system. With this system, the car will not start until the cellphone is in a docking station. Again, this takes away the temptation to text or talk while driving.

However, for parents who want more oversight, there is also the DriveCam. This is a dashboard camera that monitors a teens driving behaviors and alerts parents to swerving, speeding and driving outside of certain areas.

Outside of technology and cameras, there are also hands-on driving programs. These programs aim to improve teen driving through real world experience.

In the end the message is the same: Something needs to be done to promote safer driving among teenagers. Whether this is more rules from parents or using technology to better monitor their driving, more attention when first learning to drive can help instill safer driving habits in the future.

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