Expensive children's products can still be dangerous

There's No Substitute for Experience

Parents in Tennessee want the best for their children. Whether it is the best medical care, the best toys, or the best children's products, parents want to know that what they purchase for their children is up to the highest standards and will not harm them. Along these same lines, some parents mistakenly believe that just because a product or service costs more than the others available, this somehow means the product or service is safer.

This is why it may come to a shock to some parents to learn about the recall involving Bugaboo. The popular children's brand is also the same company that first introduced the world to strollers costing upwards of $1,000.

The issue with some of the brand's strollers -- specifically the Donkey and Cameleon models -- is that the models have handles that pose a choking risk to children. According to the company, these strollers have buttons on the carrycot or the carry handle that can end up disengaging. If this happens, the handle can come off, which can result in a small child choking.

The recall was announced after the company received 58 reports of these handles coming off. So far, Bugaboo does not know of any injuries, but made the recall due to the inherent risk.

There are roughly 46,300 of these strollers in the U.S. The strollers were sold at high-end retailers, such as Neiman Marcus and Toys R Us, as well as online.

To fix the issue, the company is providing free replacement handles to parents with the recalled versions of these strollers.

However, the fact that there was a recall in the first place highlights the fact that even the more expensive, high-end children's products can still end up posing a risk to the safety of children. In cases where these issues go unnoticed, it can result in serious and life-altering injuries to children.

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