Fatal accidents among teens more likely in July

There's No Substitute for Experience

A new study has found out that July is the deadliest month in terms of car accidents. And while this statistic applies to all drivers, Driving-Tests.org said teens are especially at risk over the summer months. To try and combat this, Tennessee parents are encouraged to set rules and expectations for driving privileges.

Driving-Tests.org, which is an online preparation site for teen drivers and new drivers, conducted the study by comparing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data on traffic deaths from 2005 through 2011. From those numbers, it was found that more than 27 percent of motor vehicle-related deaths happened in July.

In looking at this from the teen driving perspective, over the summer months teens are no longer in school and have a lot more free time with little adult supervision. This lack of supervision, combined with a teenage sense of fearlessness, can lead to dangerous driving behaviors, such as speeding, not paying attention and failing to follow traffic signs and signals.

According to the Driving-Tests.org study, these critical errors behind the wheel lead to more than 75 percent of crashes where a teenager is the driver.

To try and reduce the chances of teens getting into accidents, parents are strongly urged to get involved by setting rules and expectations for their teen drivers. These rules should include following Tennessee laws, including the nighttime driving restriction and passenger restriction.

When it comes to distractions, other than passengers, parents should keep in mind that texting while driving is against the law in Tennessee and it is a primary offense for novice drivers to use cellphones while driving.

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