Tennessee texting accident can happen in seconds

There's No Substitute for Experience

By this point almost everyone in Tennessee knows about the dangers of texting while driving, yet many still decide to risk it and text anyways. Many of these motorists no doubt believe that while texting may be dangerous for other drivers, they themselves are not at risk of getting into an accident. For some reasons, many drivers seem to think they are immune to the same risks that affect other drivers.

However, the truth is all drivers who text, are at risk of getting into an accident. This is due to the simple fact that taking one's eyes off the road -- even if just for a few seconds -- still means a lot of ground is being covered in a short amount of time.

Recently, a documentary looking at the dangers of texting and driving focused on just how quick everything can happen. The 35-minute film, “From One Second To The Next,” focuses on how in just three seconds, a driver traveling 40 mph can travel 180 feet.

In these 180 feet, anything could happen. The car in front could hit their brakes or a child could be attempting to cross in the crosswalk. If a driver is too busy looking down at their phone, even if for just a few seconds, this driver may not see the brake lights of the child until it is too late.

In Tennessee, it is against the law for any driver to text. This means everyone from novice drivers to those who have had their driver's licenses for 20 years are banned from texting while behind the wheel.

Of course though, as was mentioned in the beginning of this post, many still risk it anyways. However, when their texting causes an accident, not only can there be criminal repercussions, but the driver could also end up facing a civil lawsuit.

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