2 more Johnson & Johnson products recently recalled

There's No Substitute for Experience

The image of Johnson & Johnson has no doubt been tarnished over the years as the company has recalled everything from artificial hips to Tylenol. Due to these recalls, the company has been working under quite a bit of scrutiny and has put more efforts into early detection of potential issues that could end up leading to a recall.

Recently, Johnson & Johnson announced a recall on yet another two products: Risperdal Consta and 200,000 bottles of liquid Motrin for infants.

The Riseperdal Consta, which is an injectable antipsychotic, was recalled after testing found mold. The Motrin for infants was recalled due to the possibility of tiny particles of plastic being in the liquid medicine.

In looking at these two recalls -- in such a short time period -- while some are of course questioning how well Johnson & Johnson has improved oversight to prevent recalls, other experts in the field are saying it appears the company is acting extra cautiously due to the image issues caused by previous recalls.

Either way, these two most recent recalls are not the only ones in recent months. In fact, it was just this past May when the company pulled Children's Tylenol in South Korea due to the levels of the active ingredient being too high.

In June, Johnson & Johnson recalled birth control pills in Asia, Europe and Latin America after it was discovered one of the hormones was not releasing properly.

For the average consumer in Tennessee these recalls go to show that not all products on the shelves are safe and that some of these products may even be downright dangerous or defective.

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