Tennessee teen killed in fatal car accident

There's No Substitute for Experience

Two teens were involved in a car accident that occurred in Bartlett on Aug. 4. One of them was killed at the scene of the crash, and the other was injured. According to reports, the accident occurred at an intersection when a sedan failed to yield the right-of-way to the victims' truck. The impact forced the truck into oncoming traffic lanes. Following this, the truck struck a third vehicle and rolled onto its passenger side.

The male driver of the truck is a student at Bartlett High School. The female passenger was a student at Cordova High School until a recent family move to Texas. She was visiting the driver, her boyfriend, before school started for the year.

The driver of the truck was sent to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. The female teen was ejected from the truck during the accident and succumbed to her injuries. At the time of the report, police were investigating the details of the accident and did not immediately file any criminal charges. Grief counselors were sent to the deceased victim's high school in order to aid those who were emotionally impacted by the accident.

People need to be especially careful when operating motor vehicles, as even small errors or lapses of judgment on the road can lead to a tragic results. This particular case demonstrates how a driver's simple mistake can lead to an unfortunate death. After a fatal car crash, the victim's family may be faced with overwhelming financial obstacles during a very emotional time.

A lawyer may be able to help families deal with the sudden and unexpected loss of their loved one by guiding them through the legal aspects of the accident. The lawyer could use police reports and other investigative agencies to determine the person responsible and help the family recover financially as they focus on recovering emotionally.

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