Leave distracted driving behind in the New Year

There's No Substitute for Experience

With the New Year now fully upon us, many Nashville residents are thinking about what changes they would like to make in 2014. Some bad habits should be left behind back in 2013 as we move forward. One trend that we hope does not continue to gain steam in 2014 is that of distracted driving. In recent years, the number of drivers cruising down the roads while focusing on text messages or emails has surged.

State Farm reported last month that the number of drivers who surf the Internet while driving increased 9 percent from 2009 to 2013. In 2013, about 24 percent of drivers had this life-threatening habit.

As a result of this, the number of distracted driving car accidents has increased. According to the Greenville Sun, so many cars have been involved in distracted driving accidents in Tennessee in the past 10 years that they could fill every single parking space at the University of Tennessee - more than eight times.

Distracted driving - whether the distraction is technology-based or not - is dangerous for everyone here in Nashville. This is a public safety risk that motorists can fight in 2014 simply by being attentive drivers. Focus completely on the roads when driving, not on the stereo, the navigation system, the cellphone or the backseat.

When accidents are caused by negligence, victims have the right to hold negligent drivers financially responsible. Those who suffer harm due to distracted driving in Nashville should seek legal counsel to learn about their rights.

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