Put safety first when driving in severe winter weather conditions

There's No Substitute for Experience

The winter weather can be hard on any Tennessee resident. Not only does extra thought need to go into how to dress to stay warm, but commuting can also become a real nightmare when having to deal with sub-freezing temperatures. This is why the Department of Health is reminding all residents to properly prepare for winter driving before actually getting into the car.

At reading this, some Tennessee residents may wonder what this even means? How does one properly prepare for winter driving?

In order to stay safe, aside from following the speed limit and not tailgating, the Department of Health recommends making sure to have an emergency kit in a vehicle and to get a vehicle inspected to make sure it is winter-ready. This means not only getting the battery checked, but also swapping out the regular windshield wiper fluid for one that deals with the winter elements.

Something as simple as having the proper windshield wiper fluid can prevent an accident as a clearer windshield provides better visibility to the driver.

Having an emergency kit in a vehicle can also come in handy when stranded. This means that if a car breaks down -- or is inoperable due to an accident -- at the very least the driver and passengers can stay warm while waiting for help to arrive. Having first-aid supplies in this kit is also recommended.

Drivers must also always stay alert when driving in severe weather. This means not only being mindful of slippery roads, but also making sure to be giving 100 percent full attention to driving and not worrying about things like texting or what song is playing on the radio.

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