Tennessee lawmakers take aim at distracted driving

There's No Substitute for Experience

It's no secret that using a smartphone while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle is dangerous. Drivers who remove their eyes from the road, even for a moment or two, can miss a lot. In order to address this problem and prevent car accidents, Tennessee lawmakers banned texting and driving.

Interestingly enough, some state legislators would like to take the law a step further by banning cell phone use almost entirely. According to the bill set to go before lawmakers, drivers would only be able to make phone calls if they have a hands-free device or in emergency situations.

What would happen to drivers caught talking on their cell phones? At first, a warning would be issued. After that, subsequent instances in which a driver is caught making a call would result in a $500 ticket.

Of course, the cost of making a phone call while driving could be much more significant than a fine. Anytime drivers have their attention pulled away from the road, they are putting themselves and others at risk. Car accidents caused by driver distraction can cause serious injuries or even death.

Making a call and engaging in a phone conversation still divides drivers' attention, whether or not they have a cellular device in their hands, according to a report from NewsChannel9. As such, hands-free devices aren't necessarily “safe” either.

Although the passage of a cell-phone ban could serve as a deterrent and improve road safety, the fact remains that drivers have a priority to act with caution and care. Engaging in any sort of distracting behavior can amount to negligence. Keeping this in mind, Tennessee drivers should keep an eye on their priorities, no matter what fate this legislative proposal meets.

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