Tennessee chicken house worker flown to hospital after accident

There's No Substitute for Experience

A male contract worker in a Lawrenceburg chicken house operated by Aviagen, a poultry breeder, was injured when a 500-pound cart fell on him. A human resources spokesperson for Aviagen explained that the man was moving the cart that contained either chickens or eggs when the accident occurred. At some point during the movement, the cart turned over and crushed him.

According to reports, the worker required air transport to Huntsville Hospital. At the time of reporting, it was said that the man was in stable condition. As a contract worker, Aviagen did not directly employ the man. His employer was given as Lyons in Decatur, and the spokesperson at Aviagen stated that the victim a trainee.

Generally, employers are required to buy workers' compensation insurance to cover the expenses an employee might face after a workplace accident. In many cases, the insurance benefits might pay for medical expenses stemming from the accident. They might also provide the injured worker with additional funds that cover a portion of the income lost while he or she recovers.

However, in some cases, a person who suffers a work injury may have been injured as a result of an employer's negligence. If a worker is injured because adequate training was not provided or safety standards were not maintained, the employer may be held liable for damages in court. Those who might choose to pursue court-ordered compensation might discuss their cases with an attorney who is familiar with workplace injuries. That attorney may be able to review the available reports on the accident in an effort to find evidence of negligence and liability.

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