Sleeping driver blamed for fatal Interstate 40 crash

There's No Substitute for Experience

Police in Tennessee believe that a poor decision made by a 22-year-old driver led to a collision that claimed the lives of two of his passengers and left a third critically injured on the morning of March 25. The man told responding officers that he pulled over onto what he believed was the shoulder of Interstate 40 to rest after feeling drowsy during a drive from Texas to Pennsylvania. However, accident investigators say that the car had actually stopped in the far left lane of the highway.

The man told police that he put his flashers on after pulling over, but a van driver claimed that no lights were showing when he came upon the stationary vehicle near Old Hickory Boulevard. The 50-year-old man said that he was unable to avoid a collision, and his vehicle then struck the stationary sedan with considerable force. The car accident occurred just after 6:00 a.m.

Responding emergency medical personnel pronounced two of the sedan's passengers dead at the scene. A third passenger, a 22-year-old man, was transported by ambulance to a medical facility in Nashville for treatment. His injuries were described as life threatening. The van driver and sleeping motorist were also taken to hospital, but they are expected to recover from their injuries. Police say that alcohol consumption or drug use are not thought to have contributed to the accident.

Those injured in accidents caused by negligent actions, or the dependent family members of those who lose their lives, may pursue civil remedies. Accident victims are often unable to work for lengthy periods as they recover from their injuries, and the family members of those who die in automobile collisions often face severe financial challenges after losing the income of a breadwinner. A personal injury attorney may file a lawsuit against negligent drivers seeking compensation for the property damage, medical expenses and lost income of accident victims.

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