Determining Fault in a Semi-Truck Accident

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Truck Accident

truckA trucking accident can be devastating. Unfortunately, when these occur, the victims may be unsure of what they can do. This is because there are multiple parties who can be found at-fault in a semi-truck accident. At Kinnard Law, our Nashville trucking accident attorneys know who may be liable for the accident and against whom we may be able to action.

Truck Driver

When a driver operates a large semi-truck, they must follow federal regulations. These regulations limit the number of hours a truck driver may work before taking a break. This is to help prevent drivers from operating the truck fatigued. Truck drivers may not drive while intoxicated or distracted. When they fail to operate within these regulations, the truck driver may cause a serious accident.

Trucking Company

Before a truck goes out to transport goods, they must be inspected. It is the duty of the trucking company to make sure the truck is maintained for the safety of others on the road. The trucking company must also hire trained drivers and encourage them to abide by federal regulations. In some cases, trucking companies may have drivers drive longer than regulations in order to reach their destination prior to deadlines. If a truck is unsafe or a driver is not trained or properly rested, they can cause a trucking accident.

Manufacturer of Truck, Tires, or Parts

Manufacturers have a duty of care when they are producing truck parts, tires, or the truck itself. When something goes wrong — such as brake failure, tread separation, or more — and an injury-causing accident occurs, the manufacturer may be held financially accountable to compensate the victim. Manufacturers must release safe products, especially when it comes to keeping individuals on the road safe.

Truck Loader

When an employee loads a truck, they must make sure they do so properly. This means not overloading the trailer or loading it so one side is heavier than the other. An unevenly loaded trailer may be susceptible to rollovers. If a trailer is too heavy, it may cause issues when trying to stop suddenly or cause a jackknife.

No matter the case, if you or someone you love was injured as the result of a serious truck accident, call our team at Kinnard Law. Our Nashville trucking accident lawyers can help you determine who was at fault in the accident and hold them liable. Trucking accidents can result in serious, life-threatening, and life-changing injuries. You can seek compensation for the damages you sustained and cover the cost of lost income, medical expenses, and more. We’re ready to stand by your side from start to finish.

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