Attorney Randall L. Kinnard to Join The Fellows of the American Bar Association

There's No Substitute for Experience
Randall Kinnard

Kinnard Law is excited to announce that attorney Randall L. Kinnard was invited to join The Fellows of the American Bar Association.

“You have been recommended by your peers for this honor because of your dedication to the law and your significant contributions to our profession,” wrote Chair of the Fellows of the American Bar Foundation Reginald M. Turner. “Joining the Fellows provides an opportunity to further your commitment to the law's role in society and the administration of justice.”

You can read more about The Fellows of the American Bar Association in our press release here. At Kinnard Law, we are committed to providing injured victims with the knowledgeable representation they require in their time of need. Call us at (615) 933-2893 to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney today, or fill out our online form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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