11 Tennessee Nursing Homes Make List of Nation's Worst Performers

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Do you have a loved one living at a nursing home in Tennessee? A newly released “secret list” shows there’s a chance it could be among one of the worst in the nation when it comes to quality of care and serious, persistent issues.

Special Focus Facilities in Tennessee Have a History of Issues

According to a recent publishing prompted by the efforts of two U.S. Senators, Tennessee is home to 11 nursing homes regulators say consistently underperform and / or pose considerable risks to residents. Here’s a bit more about the list:

  • Transparency About Quality of Care – The list was released with the help of Pennsylvania Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey in June to ensure families have the transparency and information they need when choosing a home. The list names nursing homes and long-term care residential facilities nationwide that have been designated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as “Special Focus Facilities” (SFF) or candidates for the SFF program.
  • Special Focus Facilities – CMS’ Special Focus Facilities program is designed to improve the quality of care in U.S. nursing homes (which receive a federal fund through government healthcare programs) and target those with consistent histories of serious issues. CMS officials conduct regular inspections and surveys, and pay close attention to deficiencies in meeting quality of care standards and safety requirements. Nursing homes must fix those issues immediately, or risk having their Medicare and Medicare billing privileges revoked.
  • Consistent Deficiencies in Care While most nursing homes have at least a few deficiencies, those included in the SFF program have more serious problems than others, a verifiable pattern of serious problems over a long period of time, and more problems overall.

Is your loved one’s nursing home on the national SFF list? Take a look here.

Of the 11 Tennessee nursing homes included in the list, 2 are designated Special Focus Facilities, and 9 at SFF Candidates. These include:

  • Brookhaven Manor (SFF)
  • Lauderdale Community Living Center (SFF)
  • Life Care Center of Columbia (SFF Candidate)
  • Cornerstone Village (SFF Candidate)
  • Dyersburg Nursing and Rehabilitation (SFF Candidate)
  • Rainbow Rehab & Healthcare (SFF Candidate)
  • Westmoreland Health and Rehabilitation Center (SFF Candidate)
  • Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (SFF Candidate)
  • Greenhills Health and Rehabilitation Center (SFF Candidate)
  • Bailey Park CLC (SFF Candidate)
  • Asbury Place at Maryville (SFF Candidate)

Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are obligated to meet established standards, and to uphold the duty of care they owe residents. Failures to do so greatly increase risks of abuse, exploitation, infection, and preventable nursing home injuries – and they should not be tolerated. When preventable harm befalls residents, families have the right to take legal action.

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