The winners of this year's RESPECT Contest are...

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The winners of this year's RESPECT Contest are

Respect Contest WinnersOur firm is excited to announce the three winners of our annual RESPECT Contest for 5th graders in Davidson County. The ceremony was held at the Davidson County Courthouse in downtown Nashville.

Each year, 5th grade students are asked to write about what “respect” means to them and why it is important, in two sentences or less. The short answers allow the students to get to the heart of what respect really means to them. The students then draw a picture to complement their explanation.

Each winner receives a $100 cash prize, a check for their school, and a check to a charity of their choice.

We started the contest back in 2011, when we noticed a decline in respectful conduct in our own field. Our hope was to do our small part in fostering the value of respect in our community. While our goal was to get young students thinking about respect, they have truly taught us more about the meaning of respect in return.

The entries this year were full of creativity, humor, and profound empathy. We were so proud of all the students who participated and it was a close call! This year’s winners are…

Kylie Thewes from Meigs Academic Magnet School won 1st place. Kylie wrote, “Respect means to put yourself in someone else’s place and think, ‘If I did this, how would I feel? How would the other person feel? What would the outcome be? And what difference would this make?’ Respect is to be equal with the other person and think about the outcome of your actions.”

Respect Contest Winner Respect Contest Winner

Kylie won $1,000 for Meigs and $1,000 for her charity pick of Nashville Humane Association.

In 2nd place was Luke Jackson from J.T. Moore Middle School. Luke wrote, “Respect is important because when you give respect to anybody, it makes them very thankful and happy and you feel happy too. So, when someone gives respect to you, you need to savor that gift and pass it on.”

Respect Contest Winner Respect Contest Winner

Luke won $500 for J.T. Moore and $500 for his charity pick of Best Buddies.

In 3rd place was Ozi Waboso from Margaret Allen Middle School. Ozi wrote, “What respect mean to me is showing others how I would want to be treated. Respect is important to me because without respect in the world, society will literally fall apart.”

Respect Contest Winner Respect Contest Winner

Ozi won $350 for Margaret Allen and $350 for her charity pick of World Vision.

Congratulations Kylie, Luke, and Ozi! Your words have impacted and inspired us.

(A Note from the Librarian of Megis Academic Magnet Middle School)


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