Church Bus Accident in Williamson County Injures 8 Minor Passengers

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Eight minors were transported to two local area hospitals after a Church bus they were riding in crashed and overturned on State Route 840 and Highway 100 Saturday evening.

According to local authorities, the crash involved 12 members of the Parrans Chapel Baptist Church in Bolivar, Tennessee, which had borrowed the bus from its sister church, Dixie Hills Baptist. Tennessee Highway Patrol officers say 8 of the 12 occupants were injured when the bus lost control on the highway and rolled over into the median. All eight victims were juveniles, and were taken to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and Tri Star Horizon for treatment.

A statement released by Parrans Chapel said the crash resulted from inclement weather conditions, as it had been raining Saturday evening. The church also stated all victims aboard the bus, which was carrying boys from a youth event in Chattanooga, have since been released from the hospital.

Thankfully, reports indicate no passengers involved in Saturday evening’s accident were killed or critically injured. However, the wreck did result in a number of injuries, and it could have been much worse. Local officials will likely continue to explore the underlying cause of this accident to ensure such incidents can be prevented in the future.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents: Determining Responsibility

Saturday’s crash is a reminder for all motorists to prioritize safe driving in adverse weather conditions, especially when rain can turn the safest of roadways into dangerous and deadly hazards. It also serves to highlight that even when the cause of a particular crash is attributed to poor weather, victims and families who suffer harm and losses in these wrecks should still evaluate the importance of working with experienced attorneys who can assist them in conducting independent investigations.

Just as local law enforcement, and in some cases federal regulators from agencies like the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), investigate major transportation accidents involving commercial vehicles, our legal team at Kinnard Law also conducts meticulous auto accident investigations on the behalves of clients who retain us following accidents in which they suffered injuries. During these fact-finding missions, we focus on identifying an underlying cause, and determining who’s at fault.

Because victims and their loved ones can suffer physically, emotionally, and financially after wrecks, determining fault and liability becomes critical to holding responsible parties liable for damages, which may include victims’ pain and suffering, medical bills, and other economic and non-economic damages. Even if no crime or traffic infraction was committed, entities with a duty to protect the safety of passengers they transport, juveniles in their care, consumers who use their products, and others can be held accountable for failing to meet their legal obligations. Our job is to ensure these at-fault parties don’t commit similar mistakes that can make for future tragedies, and that our clients secure the compensation they need.

Fighting for Victims Across Tennessee Since 1977

As a firm that’s been fighting for accident victims across Tennessee since 1977, we know investigating any wreck, determining fault, and securing a full and fair financial recovery can be an immensely complex and high-stakes endeavor. That’s especially true in cases involving commercial vehicles subject to numerous safety regulations, as well as when privately owned buses are used by other companies or organizations. From looking into the driver’s actions and maintenance of the vehicle to investigating whether defective products or auto parts may be to blame, there’s a lot to sift through, and a clear need for experienced advocates to help victims protect their rights.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving any type of commercial truck, bus or van, or passenger vehicle, Kinnard Law is here to help. From investigations to litigation, our team has proven our ability to fight for the compensation clients need. Call (615) 933-2893 or contact us online to speak with a lawyer.

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