Randy Kinnard Article Featured in TN Trial Lawyers Association Magazine

There's No Substitute for Experience

An article written by Kinnard Law Founder Randall L. Kinnard has been featured in the latest edition of The Tennessee Trial Lawyer, the official magazine of the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association!

Mr. Kinnard’s article – “The Imperfect Client” – provides an insightful take on the work plaintiffs’ trial lawyers do to prepare their clients for trial, and how many lawyers may do themselves a disservice by focusing too much on making the client “perfect,” well-received, and respected by juries and judges.

In the article, which has been long in the making, Mr. Kinnard shares stories about some of his experiences working with clients, some notable cases, and the lessons he has learned over his decades in practice. He encourages his fellow lawyers to take note of the techniques that worked for him when dealing with certain types of clients, embracing their imperfections, and helping steer them as close to “trial perfect” as possible and cautions his peers to not repeat some of the mistakes he’s seen.

Mr. Kinnard’s article – “The Imperfect Client” ­– was published in the magazine’s winter edition. You can read the full article here.

Randall L. Kinnard is Founding Partner at Kinnard Law. A nationally recognized trial lawyer, Mr. Kinnard has tried more than 250 jury trials and has secured numerous, million, multi-million, and record-setting results – including the largest jury verdict in the state for a single person. He is a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates and past President of the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association.