Attorney Randy Kinnard Featured on “Tennessee Voices” for RESPECT Contest

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Attorney Randy Kinnard of Kinnard Law in Nashville was recently featured on Tennessee Voices, a popular podcast that talks about all things good and interesting in Tennessee. In Episode 336 of the podcast, Randy was given a chance to talk about the RESPECT contest, which he founded.

The RESPECT or R-E-S-P-E-C-T contest asked Davidson County fifth graders to tell how they define respect. Lily Davidson of Meigs Magnet Middle School took first place with her poignant and surprisingly insightful interpretation of respect: “Respect happens like ripples in a pond. When one person gives respect to another, that person gives respect to another, and it just goes on and on.”

In the podcast, Attorney Kinnard shared that he suffered from anger issues after serving time in the U.S. Army. During an active tour, he lost his best friend, which triggered survivor’s guilt and anger issues. Therapy helped him relearn how to respectfully engage with others, and he wanted to spread what he learned. The RESPECT contest is just one part of how he is doing just that. He also shared in the podcast that he was inspired by the late Tennessee Senator Howard Baker, who was seen by many as a core example of how to treat people with respect, including those you innately disagree with.

If you would like to know more about the RESPECT contest and Attorney Kinnard, please feel free to watch the Tennessee Voices Episode 336 podcast by clicking here. If you need the legal counsel of Kinnard Law and our trial lawyers, fill out an online contact format any time.

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