Stuffed animal recalled due to choking hazard

There's No Substitute for Experience

While on first appearances a children's toy may look perfectly harmless, if not properly built, this toy can end up causing serious injury to a child. Sadly though, this is not always known until after a child is injured.

An example of this was recently highlighted by the Build-A-Bear Workshop recall. It turns out parents in Tennessee may have purchased a stuffed animal with a choking hazard without even realizing it.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop company recently issued a recall on 25,000 of the “Sulley” stuffed animals sold in stores and online in June of this year. “Sulley” is a popular fuzzy blue character from the movies “Monsters, Inc.” and “Monsters University.”

The reason behind the recall is due to the fact that one of the eyes was not sewn on securely. This could result in the eye falling off, which poses a choking hazard to children, especially small children who do not know any better and may put the eyes in their mouths.

Those who purchased one of these toys can return the “Sulley” in order to get a replacement.

While frightening for any parent to even think about, a toy recall such as this one highlights the fact that there are plenty ofdangerous and defective children's toys that end up being sold. And, while in this case the choking hazard was discovered and a recall was issued, there are plenty of times when there is no recall and the danger is not realized until after a child is injured.

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