A children's toy so dangerous that a state governor spoke up

There's No Substitute for Experience

When a parent buys a toy for a child, it may be habit to inspect the packaging to see if there are any printed guidelines. In addition to suggesting what age group the toy is suited for, the product might also include basic safety warnings. These product labels can help parents make informed decisions to help protect the safety of their children.

In the event that a toy doesn't include specific warnings, parents might assume that the item has gone through necessary product testing and meets safety mandates. The unfortunate reality is that toy manufacturers don't always uphold their responsibility to consumers, and children are the ones who stand to suffer the most.

Not long ago, the office of New York's governor called on the federal government to recall one product that has been identified as particularly dangerous. According to a public statement, a toy dart contains a high concentration of pthalates, a chemical known to impact children's development. The darts are sold at Dollar Tree stores, which have locations in the Nashville area.

The federal government places limits on the amount of pthalates that can be included in children's toys. Reportedly, the “Clingy Darts” contains six times the amount allowed by law.

According to the National Toxicology Program, pthalates are known to mimic hormones and are linked to the early onset of puberty in girls. Infants and young children are particularly susceptible to the negative side effects.

In the immediate term, parents have been warned to refrain from buying this toy or take it away from children if it's already been purchased. Beyond that, it may be helpful to wait to see if a recall is made. In the end, it's possible that the manufacturer may have been negligent in producing and marketing this particular toy in American markets.

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