Summer is on its way -- so too are children riding their bicycles

There's No Substitute for Experience

For young kids, summer vacation is a very exciting time of year. With time away from school, kids can spend time with their friends taking the time to enjoy many types of recreation. Namely, kids might use their bikes to get from place to place while the weather is hospitable.

Knowing that children are in school for a majority of the year, many motorists might not be prepared to see so many children out and about during the day. However, a seasonal change in the number of kids riding their bikes is not a valid excuse for motorists to abandon their duty to drive attentively and carefully.

Not only should drivers be on the lookout for people riding their bikes this spring and summer, but they should also be sure to observe the relevant state laws. As we covered in an article on our firm's site, motorists are legally required to maintain a buffer of at least three feet with bikers who are on the road. This is an important aspect of remaining vigilant and respecting the safety of everyone on the road -- whether or not they're operating a motor vehicle.

The League of American Bicyclists conducted a state-to-state comparison of road safety and determined that Tennessee is the 26th most biker friendly. Although the state isn't at the bottom of the heap in terms of bike safety and accident rates, more can be done to improve this particular mark.

Of course, bikers also play a role in keeping roads safe. Parents who know their children will be biking this summer may want to ensure that that they wear helmets and are aware of pertinent bike safety rules and laws.

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