4-vehicle crash in Tennessee results in death of motorcyclist

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A motorcyclist who was involved in a four-vehicle crash in Tennessee on Aug. 13 died as a result of the injuries he suffered. According to the report, the crash took place on Edgemoor Road at approximately 4:41 p.m. in Claxton.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the motorcyclist was reportedly traveling east on his 1989 Honda G15 when he struck the back end of a car that was being driven by a 54-year-old woman. The motorcycle was then rear-ended by a pickup truck driven by a 25-year-old man. That second impact caused the motorcyclist to be thrown from his bike. He reportedly landed in the westbound lane where he was struck by a second pickup truck that was being driven by a 70-year-old man.

The motorcyclist was the only fatality and no one else who was involved in the crash suffered injuries. THP stated that no criminal charges or citations were filed in connection with the accident.

Because motorcyclists are not well-protected even if they are wearing a helmet, they may suffer fatal injuries if they become involved in car accidents. When other motorists are thought to have been responsible for causing fatal wrecks, the families of decedents may choose to file wrongful death claims against those suspected parties.

A wrongful death suit allows family members to seek financial compensation for harm caused to them by a loved one's passing. Depending upon the circumstances of the case, they may be able to recover the costs of medical bills or funeral expenses as well as the loss of the decedent's income on which they relied.

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