3-car crash in Tennessee kills 2, injures 1

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A three-vehicle car accident that occurred in Tennessee on Dec. 9 left two people dead and one person injured. The accident occurred near the Highway 27 and Eagle Furnace Road intersection in Rockwood at approximately 7 p.m.

Authorities with the Tennessee Highway Patrol stated that the 64-year-old female driver of a Buick Riviera was traveling south when she crossed over the centerline and crashed into a station wagon. The station wagon then collided with a third vehicle. The collision caused the death of the 64-year-old woman and a 20-year-old passenger in the station wagon. The female driver of the station wagon suffered injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital to receive treatment. The occupant of the third vehicle involved in the wreck was not hurt.

Any individual who becomes involved in an auto accident is at risk for suffering serious injuries that could result in death. If a family member loses a loved one in a crash that was determined to have been caused by another motorist, they may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim depending upon their relationship to the deceased person.

If the accused driver did not survive the accident, the claim may still be filed against that person's insurance company or estate. A personal injury attorney working on behalf of a family may estimate the total cost of the damages that family members could be entitled to before negotiating with the insurance company. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, the attorney may represent a family in court.

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