Man killed in construction accident at Tennessee high school

There's No Substitute for Experience

A Tennessee man was killed in a work-related accident on Sept. 24 in Eagleville, according to reports. The accident occurred at Eagleville High School at about 2:30 p.m.

Reports say that the victim was operating a backhoe while working on an expansion project at the school's campus when the machine turned over. The 58-year-old worker was pinned underneath the machinery. EMS that had arrived at the scene decided not to transport him to a hospital using LifeFlight because of the severity of his injuries, and he was later pronounced dead.

During the incident, the school was placed on partial lock down. A Rutherford County Schools spokesperson suggested that the was part of emergency protocol. He suggested that he did not think that any children witnessed the accident and reported that the parents of the students were notified about the incident.

When a worker is killed, family members and dependents may be forced to deal with a number of financial difficulties. In addition to the costs associated with emergency medical treatments and final expenses, the loss of the victim's financial support may place the family in a precarious economic situation. However, many of the damages associated with the accident may be covered by workers' compensation.

In order to receive benefits from a workers' compensation plan, the family may need to file a claim with the worker's employer or the employer's insurance company. This can be a complicated process that requires a large amount of documentation, and in some cases, a workers' compensation claim might be denied. In an effort to avoid these challenges, a family seeking benefits might take their claim to an attorney who could help them throughout the process.

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