Carbon Monoxide Leak in Downtown Nashville Hotel Sickens at Least a Dozen People

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A carbon monoxide leak at The Westin hotel in downtown Nashville sickened at least a dozen people early in the morning on Wednesday, November 7.

According to the Nashville Fire Department, at least six people have been transported to the nearby Vanderbilt University Medical Center. More information about their current condition was not made immediately available.

The fire department received the first call at about 6:45 a.m. after a number of people using the hotel gym became sick. According to reports, the leak was isolated to the hotel’s third floor with the fitness center, several offices, and a swimming pool. The fire department also noted that the carbon monoxide readings registered a level of 500 ppm, more than 14 times higher than normal. However, the high point could have been even higher according to officials.

“The people were working out, they were the first ones to indicate that something was wrong because they got sick and got out of there,” Nashville Fire Department spokesman Joseph Pleasant said. “Had this happened overnight, possibly had it happen in an area where people were sleeping, it could have been a very much different outcome.”

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